iOS App Tips

iOS App Tips
iPhone App ads are annoying and disturbing, especially those poping up during games, videos or page viewing. Just try out the following tips to get rid of App ads on iPhone, iPad and iPod.
  • iOS App Ads Blocker
  • iPhone/iPad Photos Encryption

iOS App Ads Blocker

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Ads and banners can become a headache to iPhone users, which could be frequently seen when you are using Safari to surf the internet or trying
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Top 5 Free Ad Blocker for iOS 10/9/8
Apple is one of the companies in the world who put user’s privacy on the top of their top priority list. That’s why it’s only natural if they introduced ad blocker technology as an important part of their ecosystem's features...
2017 Best Free Ad Blocker for iOS 10.3/10.2/10/9
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Best Safari Content Blocker for iOS 10
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