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Fix iPhone/iPad/iPod Stuck in Recovery Mode (Connect to iTunes Screen)
How to Fix iPhone/iPad/iPod stuck in Recovery Mode (Connect to iTunes Screen)
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How to Fix Other iOS Stuck Issues
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Technical Support & FAQ

How to Fix Other iOS Stuck Issues

If you have encountered any of these situations below, ReiBoot should be your first choice to fix various kinds of stuck or hung issues with one simple click.

Steps to Fix Various iOS Stuck Issues with ReiBoot

Step 1. Download and install ReiBoot (freeware) to your computer.

Step 2. Open ReiBoot and connect your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch to your computer via a USB cable.

connect your idevice to pc

Step 3. ReiBoot will detect your device and “Enter Recovery Mode” is highlighted. Click Enter Recovery Mode option to start fixing the stuck issue.

enter recovery mode

Step 4. Wait for around 20 seconds and your device is entered recovery mode successfully. There will be an iTunes logo and a USB cable display on your device’s screen.

entered recovery mode successfully

Step 5. Now you will find “Exit Recovery Mode” option is highlighted. Click it to reboot the stuck device.

reboot stuck device

Step 6. Wait for a while for the process to complete. After that, your iOS device is back to normal state.

exit recovery mode

If the stuck issue you have met cannot be repaired after entering and exiting recovery mode, we recommend you to upgrade to ReiBoot Pro to repair the iOS system and fix all kinds of iOS issues without data loss.