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Fix Computer Not Recognizing iPhone

3 Ways to Fix iPhone Won’t Appear in Computer After iOS 10 Upgrade

October 29, 2016 18:03 pm / Posted by Jenefey Aaron to Cleanup iPhone
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“I'm trying to download some videos from my iPhone 6 plus after iOS 10 upgrade, I plugged the phone to my computers USB port, iTunes opens up, original Apple cable, but iPhone won’t show up on computer (Windows 10), so i can't access any photo or video on my iPhone. Any help with this?”

I bet many iPhone users must have encountered the same problem. When your iPhone is not detected by pc, you can do nothing with that. The reasons for this issue may relate to something wrong with the hardware or the incompatibility between your computer and device. There’s no single solution to get iPhone to appear in computer as the causes are various and different. Here we’ve summarized the most common solutions to this problem. Now, follow the article and try them one by one.

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How to Fix Computer Not Recognizing iPhone

Following are the effective methods to get “iPhone not showing up in computer” problem fixed. Just read the steps to get iPhone 7/7 Plus/SE/6s/6/5s/5c/5 appeared normally on Windows.

Part 1: Basic Solutions to Make iPhone Show up in Computer

tap trust on iphone

Part 2: Check Apple Mobile Device Support

After trying the common operations, if your iPhone still isn’t recognized by computer, you may need to check the Apple Mobile Device Support.

Part 3: Reinstall iTunes to Get iPhone to Appear in PC

If you cannot find the device service and get a message saying "The software required for iPhone is not installed”. Then you need to delete the iTunes completely and install it again.

Check your device to see what causes iPhone won’t appear in computer after iOS 10 update and choose the suitable solution to your particular situation.

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